LEOPARD PRINT JUST ME Make-Up Remover Towellete

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LIMITED EDITION "OUT OF AFRICA" RANGE: LEOPARD print Just Me Beauty product using warm water to gently remove makeup, mud masks and face paints. No soaps and no facewipes. Environment friendly.

  • Care Instructions

    • Towelette must be washed before use.
    • Machine wash when necessary
    • Do not tumble dry
  • Using the Just Me Towelette

    • Wash before use
    • Just add warm water, wring out JUST ME so no splash
    • Wipe away make-up, mud masks and face paint.
    • Repeat until all makeup disappears
    • Apply moisturiser
    • Rinse and hang up to dry for re-use
    • Machine wash once or twice a week with your towels
    • No need to tumble dry
    • Long lasting
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